Meet the new Microsoft Surface Pro

Art Direction / 2D

The new Surface Pro, 11th Edition, unlocks a new way to think about a laptop. Get the most out of your day with accelerated performance that unlocks a new AI era to enable Copilot experiences, and battery life to keep you going all-day long. All wrapped up in an ultra-portable design that can replace your tablet, your laptop, and does more than you could ever imagine.

I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a video showcasing the new Microsoft Surface Pro. As the Art Director, I was responsible for designing callouts and 2D UI content, as well as overseeing the overall art direction, leveraging my extensive expertise in CG and graphic design.

Initial styleframes  ( with Wes Cockx )

2D - UI Contents Design

Creating Content with AI and Illustration

Original image

Callout Design ( with Phoebe Hsu )

Art Direction/
CG/ Graphic Design