Museum of Photographic Arts

Creative Direction / 2D

The Museum of Photographic Arts is a museum (MOPA) based in San Diego to collect and preserve photography. Its mission is to inspire, educate and engage the broadest possible audience through presentation, collection, and preservation of photography, film and video. To deliver a clear message of what MOPA pioneers for rebranding the museum is a top priority. This project is to rebrand MOPA’s image to reflect their mission. It begins designing a new logo. The newly designed logo is to show how every picture starts within a square shaped frame. A photograph defines the photographer. Photographers try to communicate and engage with the audience through photography and puts aneffort to become one with the audience. The newly designed logo is the square framed box with a circular negative space having another solid shaped circle beside the square frame. The concept is to use reflection as the ideation to define communication and engagement. The photographer and the audience are a reflection of each other. The logo defines the communication and engagement between the photographers and the audience.


Art Direction/
CG/ Graphic Design